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Team Batchmates!

As with the best executed projects in the world, has been the result of a combined and dedicated team effort spanning several years and across all areas of expertise within the organization. As the use of the site has grown, so has the tremendous resources that now need to be dedicated to ensure high quality of delivery from The primary people behind the effort are as below:

  1. Hemmant AMIN leads the Batchmates team! Hemant is the strategic leader and chief strategist of the batchmates business model. He initiated the NEW "" launched in April 2002 with the addition of it's several new sections such as civil services, companymates and armed forces. Other new features conceived and conceptualized by Hemant were the virtual mailbox facility, quotations and member get member schemes.

    All these have been developed to truly deliver the "Cherish Friends 4 Ever concept".

    Hemant also doubles up as a Director and primary promoter of Allindia Technologies Limited, a leading web solutions company in Eastern India. is owned, developed, managed, run and sponsored by Allindia Technologies Limited.

  2. Abhijan NANDY, the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Allindia Technologies Ltd. has played an active role in the growth of, helping it grow into a premier website with proven expertise in Internet services. Abhijan has spearheaded the batchmates team through unknown territories of the Internet in its nascent stages and firmly established as one of pioneering alumni websites in the country and abroad.

  3. Shafaat KARIM has the unique distinction of being the first person ever to register on batchmates way back in 1997!!! He has been with the company since the inception of batchmates in 1997 and his devotion to is unsurpassed in the history of the company. Shafaat is the Head Project Management of and ensures a 24/7 performance of the site. A perfectionist by nature, it is Shafaat who ensures also that along with a unique design style for delivery of content, 'the t's are crossed and i's are dotted' in all that Batchmates presents to its users.

  4. Shafaat Karim & Sumon Karmakar are responsible for the execution of the website. The tech team at Batchmates is headed by Sriya Sarkar, who is assisted by Biraj Krishna Goswami, Sanjib Kumar Saha, Chandrika Mullick, Priyanka Saha and Apala Basu. Sandip Pal is responsible for the quality control and documentation of the site. Susmita Chatterjee renders to the promotional responsibilities of the site. Darshana Purkayastha manages the content of the site with the assistance of Shuvojit Dasgupta. Ujjal Mondal, Nurulla Nahar and Zishan Ahmed jointly undertake the customer support and site administration work.

  5. The slick design team responsible for all the visual beauty of the site is lead by Nadeem Ahmed. It is critical for a site like ours to be informative as well as entertaining to the users. The constant change in the manner in which data is presented ensures that the users's experience of a visit to the site is both long lasting & leaves a sense of the positive. The visual aesthetics of the site ensure that, to a large extent. Nadeem is supported by Joyjit Singha Roy for visuals.


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